「nothiNg is HiDDen」
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Peacock by Jason Busch
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Joseph Michael, Hole in the Sky Tattoo, Woodland Park, NJ instagram: josephmichaeltattoo 
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Of course gender is a social construct. Society’s idea of feminism is a socially constructed collection of taboos and stigmas upheld by the people they’re aimed at. Take menstruation as an example.  As humans inhale and exhale, our sleeping and waking are few of the many rhythmic alternations echoing the great cycles of our living universe. Nature moving in steady rhythms is one of the must fundamental realities of the world. These cycles interplay with the vast forces of our planet, inseparable, a gentle reminder that all life is connected. Yet, few bodily functions have been treated quite as disdainfully as one of the most basic and earthly cycles known to humanity; menstruation. 

   The culture of concealment that surrounds menstruation influences how women feel about their bodies and embodies society’s ideal of what is to be feminine. In a certain way, women get the message that they are not supposed to talk about periods. Even in advertising the absorbency of menstrual products is exhibited by a pure blue liquid landing on a pad. Until very recently, menstruation was not talked about in pop culture so it can be very disorienting for young girls because they can begin to question what is happening to them, to their bodies. Menstruation is hidden. It’s something that sets women apart from men. 

   So women are taught to ‘catch’ their menstrual blood, not because it causes stains, but so no one can see it. Menstruation considered filthy by the main and the taboos surrounding menstruation atrociously depict femininity as being clean, pure and white. So young girls are disempowered by these taboos that surround menstruation. When really, a young girl is considered a woman when her cycles of menstruation begin. So why is it that the very thing that can be attributed to all human life on earth, arguably, the thing that makes a young girl a woman, must be hidden in order to maintain a picture of femininity? Tell me gender is not a social construct when a woman’s menstrual blood, a natural part of the cycle of life on earth, must be hidden in order to be ‘feminine’, to be pure.
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By matialonsor
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My body literally aches at the thought of never seeing you again. (via the-psycho-cutie)


Dying King

started this in december.. finally went back and finished it

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Seeing someone from school in public.



when teachers actually start teaching on the first day of class




has this been done yet

oh pluto